• Jilted At The Closing Table? Three Things Sellers Need To Know When Buyers Fail To Close

    Most real estate closings are congenial affairs where both buyers and sellers are eager to complete the transaction at the closing table. However, not all closings end happily, especially when one party fails to abide by the real estate purchase contract that was determined to be fully ratified and binding several weeks earlier. For sellers, this type of failure on the part of buyers can be extremely damaging, especially in cases where the buyers simply do not show up at the closing table, even though the sellers have already vacated the home they are selling and proceeded to rent or purchase another.
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  • Avoid Real Estate Disputes: 3 Steps to Building a Property Fence the Legal Way

    Whether you want a fence around your piece of property to keep unwanted animals and trespassers out, to help indicate your property line or to simply provide more privacy for your entire family, a fence can be extremely beneficial. However, at the same time, a fence can cause a dispute between you and your neighbors. With that being said, you will want to make sure that you build your fence the right way – the legal way – in order to help prevent any potential issues, including legal troubles, later on.
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  • Tips For Dealing With A Complex Probate Case

    Probate cases are difficult because they usually involve multiple people, tangled up property, and high emotions. Here are some tips for making sure that you simplify the probate case as much as possible so that you can get through it smoothly. 1. Go to the Probate Attorney's Office Alone If you're worried about making the probate case as simple as possible or at least making a complicated probate case bearable, chances are good that you are the person whom the deceased has charged with carrying out all of the different parts of the will and dividing up the estate.
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